RuSciTech Association

RuSciTech is an international association of Russian-speaking science and technology professionals living outside Russia.

The purpose of the association is to facilitate the process of consolidating the Russian speaking scientific & technology diaspora, based on practical activities such as development of scientific links with Russia, cooperation between scientists-compatriots and efficient information exchange; also cooperation with Russian and international specialists and organisations aimed at modernising and developing Russian Science and Education.

RuSciTech is a unique professional resource of expert information in the area of science, technology, education and innovation. It is aiming to be an efficient instrument in establishing and developing cooperation with relevant Russian organisations: educational, innovative and science & technology centres in Russia.

In summary, RuSciTech is:

  1. A bridge for the dialog and cooperation between scientific-technological diaspora and Russia.
  2. A channel for communication and exchange of information between association members and other relevant organisations.
  3. An instrument for the realisation of suggestions and proposals from scientific & technological Russian diaspora abroad.

Members of the RuSciTech association are united by the following:

  • They all speak Russian and have cultural, scientific or business relations with Russia.
  • They are scientists and professionals of an international standard, who follow what is happening in Russia and are interested in new cooperation projects.
  • The majority have their degree and work experience from Russia or other countries of the former USSR.
  • Currently they live and work abroad.

Membership of RuSciTech Association is free for everyone. If you are interested to join us, please visit Membership section and submit your application form.