What this conference is for?

The main purpose of the conference is to bring together the most active representatives of the Russian-speaking sci-tech community living outside Russia and introduce them to Russian organisations and potential partners, who are interested in working with this community and could benefit from this collaboration.

Presentations and discussions at this conference will be focused on sharing experience in the area of managing international collaboration projects in scientific research, education and technology transfer. The conference format should create a suitable atmosphere for discussing real collaborations and projects.

Is this the first RuSciTech conference of this kind?

This event is a part of a series of conferences of this format. The first conference, RuSciTech Forum 2012 took place in Cambridge, UK and was mainly focused on experience in the area of international scientific research and education projects.The second RuSciTech Forum 2014 took place in 2014 in Arizona, USA.

This conference RuSciTech-RASA Forum Asia 2015 is the first joint project of this kind between the two leading associations of the Russian-speaking science and technology professionals living abroad: RuSciTech and RASA.

The intention of the RuSciTech Association is to organise regular events, which foster and facilitate international collaboration.

Who can participate in the conference?

Professionals in science, technology and higher education worldwide, particularly Russian-speaking scientists from around the world, who hold a leading position in their field of expertise and share active interest in collaborating with Russian partners.

Who is behind this conference?

The conference is being organised by a group of representatives of the Russian-speaking science & technology community in UK, listed in the Organisers section.

The conference is supported mainly by the Russian Corporation JSC “RTI” and the Skolkovo Institute of Science & technology (Skoltech).

These organisations are seen to be rapidly developing and can offer a number of initiatives, which may be of a mutual interest to the Russian expats working in science, technology and education.